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Strategic Business Development

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  • Investment & Development

    Brewin Mesa is foremost a real estate developer. It invests in projects that provides the best risk adjusted returns and can be projects of distinction.

  • Investment Strategy

    Brewin Mesa will primarily focus on green field development opportunities where it can put its development capabilities to best use. The Company believes in recycling capital in the fastest possible way, hence, will primarily adopt a build-to-sell strategy.

  • Sector Focus

    With the Company roots in residential development, the company initial focus will be Jakarta residential sector. Leveraging its large network of friends and associates, Brewin Mesa believes it can build a niche in understanding how Indonesia live the building blocks for building the best homes.

    With Jakarta zoning regulations becoming stricter, residential zoned land with clean and clear titles will increasingly be harder to come by. Hence, Brewin Mesa will opportunistically invest in other real estate typologies such as commercial, hospitality and mixed use developments.

  • Development Management

    Brewin Mesa operates in Indonesia under PT Brewin Mesa Development, a consultancy business that provides Development Management Services to projects owned by Brewin Mesa and its partners. The company provides end-to-end development management services that includes investment and land acquisition advisory, asset management, development planning, sales and marketing advisory, operational management as well as Finance, accounting and other administrative services.

  • Partners

    Brewin Mesa seeks like-minded partners for its projects – these may be investors, land-owners or developers. For its maiden project in Indonesia, Brewin Mesa partnered with Shenning Emerging Asia Real Estate Fund, a South East Asia-focused real estate opportunity fund managed by Shenning Investments Pte. Ltd.